On the wild side of style. Fashion inspiration from the adventurous ones

September 2016

When adrenaline is released, your heart rate increases, blood pressure is high, energy flowing. Fight or flight. You’re out of the comfort zone and alive. Then, dopamine. Pleasure. You’ve made it. On top of the world. Thrill-seekers, daredevils, explorers, risk takers, the wild and brave ones, they’re all out there, led by excitement. Facing fear and winning in their own way. In 1924, this English company acknowledged their incredible spirit and lent them a helping hand with safety, comfort and, of course, good looks.

How To Create A 1960s Inspired Look. Key Fashion Items & Trends

September 2016

"The Sixties" were wild. The musical revolution, setting foot on the moon and of course, the miniskirt. The clothing item that made history was back then

5 British Royal Supplier Brands You Can Shop Online

September 2016

'The customer is king'. This is one of the most popular business phrases with thousands of companies around the world trying to turn it into a success story. For some of them, a small, elite group, this phrase has yet another meaning, the exact one. The customer can actually be the king.

The Fascination of Wonderland

September 2016

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the work of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better know by his pen name, Lewis Carroll, was published in 1865. A few years before, Charles, who was soon to become one of the world’s most famous authors, was rowing in a boat with Reverend Duckworth and the three daughters of Henry Liddell, the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Charles was a very talented mathematician with a promising career at Oxford, but there, on the boat, he was the storyteller. The audience was very discerning: 8 to 13 years old, great appetite for fiction and a genuine reaction when utterly bored. But this was not at all the case. The three little girls were so intrigued, so amazed that Alice Liddell urged Charles to write the story down. They were officially caught up in Alice’s adventures and 150 years later, we are still in Wonderland.

Autumn on rewind. Colourful fashion to cure the grey days’ blues

September 2016

Feels like standing still. And fresh dark coffee on Saturday mornings. And those short moments of undefined pleasure when you’re looking out the window, hot cup in your hand, and you know you’re just fine. The house seems cozier, maybe a book later on, some music, have friends over for dinner, a glass of wine. The best autumn/winter mood. Its secret?...

100 Beautiful + Creative Gifts For Christmas

December 2015

Plates, Mugs, Cushions, Spoons, Notebooks

There are few things better on Winter holidays than gift giving. Sure, receiving them might be on the list, but for some of us, the moment when those we want to surprise open their presents is priceless. It’s a moment of pure honesty and excitement. First, the anticipation. Waiting to get past the layers and covers and boxes and wrappings perfectly meant to feel like we actually hired somebody to stall the time and prolong the agonizing curiosity and excitement. Then, the reveal.

The Perfect English Shoes. 100-Year-Old British Footwear Brands Online

November 2015

These companies have been around for almost 150 years. Founded in the heart of England’s shoemaking industry, Northampton, they became internationally renowned brands with boutiques and stockists all over the world. Their longevity is not only a proof of quality, but also a great opportunity to preserve the best of their genuine experience and traditions. This is what the three British footwear companies decided to do, despite the costs. They continue to use the Goodyear welt construction method, a technique invented more than 100 years ago. The result can be seen in the impeccable English shoe.

The homeware kit for a perfect morning

November 2015

Morning mood is a complex issue. Sunny, when the weekend comes. Cruel, when you feel like five minutes of extra sleep will bring eternal happiness. Confusing, when your favourite song begins to sound frightening because you decided to use it as your alarm clock. This never works. But if you actually make it to the kitchen, to your hot cup of coffee and delicious breakfast, you know everything will be fine. The grumpy mood vanishes and in a matter of seconds, you start to relax. Fifteen minutes, at least. All yours to savour. If you’re still grumpy or feel there’s room for improvement, here is our mood saving homeware kit.

What about making room for some fun jumpers?

November 2015

Can you imagine Coco Chanel in jeans and a jumper? Eventually the type that has a cute message on? Maybe you’re the always-elegant type, making that perfect outfit shine and walking on high heels like it’s in your genes. Pure style and grace. What about making room for some fun jumpers?

London Hotels With Spectacular Views. Part I / Five Stars

November 2015

We want it all when it comes to booking a hotel room in London. Excellent services, very clean and spacious rooms, the hotel view must be amazing and of course, a location within walking distance from all attractions. When we want the best of London, we make no compromise. So let’s start with accommodation.