Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look

There’s more to clothing than aesthetics or making the right fashion matches. The way we dress influences not only the way we are perceived, but also our own behaviour. Scientific research shows that we can actually embody the symbolic meaning of clothes and act accordingly.

The doctor’s coat, for example, generally associated with being attentive and not making errors. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology showed that wearing what was thought to be a doctor’s coat during a test increased attention compared to wearing a painter's coat.

Can we feel more confident and powerful just by wearing the right clothes? Even though confidence is a complex issue, clothing is an important piece in this puzzle. Creating a powerful look depends mostly on your personal style, so it will be variable, but here are some tips that might help.

 #1. Wear Black

Black is a strong colour and always a go-to choice for creating a powerful look.  It is flexible in its meaning, it can take you towards a refined or elegant look, a sensual one, an authority or business look, it can be luxurious or aggressive.

Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - Black Dresses

 #2 Choose Straight Lines

Straight lines add a strong feel to an outfit. You can choose a clothing item like a suit, trousers or even a dress, but you can also find them in accessories like minimalist jewellery or bags.

Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - Straight Lines Clothing

Emmie McCourts - Alexa Coat

 #3 Expressive Jewellery

Repeating the theme of straight lines, minimalist jewellery and expressive jewellery in general will complete a powerful look. Extravagant jewellery can be a great asset in the right circumstances.

6 Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - Expressive Jewellery

 #4 Heels

The elegance of heels, especially stiletto heels, is indisputable and a great choice for a remarkable outfit. Named after what was intended to be a stabbing weapon, a dagger with a needle-like point, the stiletto heel has a powerful visual impact.

6 Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - Heels

 #5 A Masculine Feel

What about cufflinks? You can start building your elegant outfit from here. A white shirt, black trousers, a skirt or wherever your powerful imagination takes you.

6 Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - A Masculine Feel Womens Clothing

 #6 Perfume

A distinctive perfume is one of the most powerful personal signatures. If the outfit seems to rigid, the perfume will balance it, creating an interesting feminine touch.

6 Fashion Tips For A Powerful Look - Perfume

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