Autumn on rewind. Colourful fashion to cure the grey days’ blues

Autumn Sea

Feels like standing still. And fresh dark coffee on Saturday mornings. And those short moments of undefined pleasure when you’re looking out the window, hot cup in your hand, and you know you’re just fine. The house seems cozier, maybe a book later on, some music, have friends over for dinner, a glass of wine. The best autumn/winter mood.

Its secret? Unfortunately, it works only while inside. That’s why you will never hear anyone say they miss autumn in July. Going out is a totally different story. The freezing cold, grey days, dim light and all that vibrant summer energy gone. So the perfect autumn/winter mood turns into a complicated, crazy scale, from feeling cosy to extremely annoyed. But you can always add some colour to it!

There’s a boldness to those who wear colours, standing out is not simple, but it’s empowering and can make a wonderful difference to your day. It can energize you and even cure your cold season grey days’ blues. You can choose colours from this season’s Pantone Fashion Colour Report like Cashmere Rose, Cadmium Orange or Biscay Bay, if they express more of who you are and less of what the trend is. Choose the colours you really love and feel confident wearing. That’s how the magic happens.

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