What about making room for some fun jumpers?

What about girls in fun jumpers - Shorts

Can you imagine Coco Chanel in jeans and a jumper? Eventually the type that has a cute message on? Maybe you’re the always-elegant type, making that perfect outfit shine and walking on high heels like it’s in your genes. Pure style and grace. What about making room for some fun jumpers? Eventually the type with some words on? There are many girls who would definitely approve, who love jumpers because of their versatility, the boldness and playfulness of wearing them. 

First, wearing jumpers with word prints is not about being a type of girl, a hip, cool, sneaker-loving girl as the social and fashion imagery sometimes shows. It does not matter what your style is, age, if you’re slim or not. It’s mostly about mood. Are you feeling playful? Relaxed? Even sexy? The jumper can do this for you. You can mix it with jeans and boots or even a short skirt. It’s fun and sometimes fun is all you need after a perfect day on perfect stiletto heels. Here is some inspiration.

What about girls in fun jumpers Kelly Shaw La la la red swea

For London-based brand, Kelly Shaw, fashion must have meaning and reflect its strong connection with current culture. Its messages revolve around being bold, creative, finding and expressing who you are. Her designs were featured in Glamour Magazine, Grazia, OK Magazine and other.

Bella Freud, Je t'aime Jane black wool jumper

Bella Freud is a British fashion designer, best known for her signature products Je t’aime Jane, Ginsberg is God and 1970. She launched her eponymous brand in 1990 and a year later, she was awarded Most Innovative Designer at the London Fashion Awards. Bella Freud’s creations are very appreciated among celebrities, with names like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung on the client list.

Bella Freud Jordans eyes black wool jumper

Bella Freud 1970 red wool jumper

GEM & I - Celery sweater

The London-based luxury leisurewear brand creates a fun world using slogans and hand drawn prints. Life is too short for celery, No cream tarts before St. Barts, Because I Cannes are just three of GEM & I’s wearable statements.

Les2Coquettes 'ESCAPE' grey sweatshirt

 Initially founded in Italy by L'ali Silvestri and Carolina Galeazzi, Les2coquettes brand found a new home in London. Their fashion perspective is full of humour, inspired by genuine emotions and a long lasting friendship. 

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