On the wild side of style. Fashion inspiration from the adventurous ones

When adrenaline is released, your heart rate increases, blood pressure is high, energy flowing. Fight or flight. You’re out of the comfort zone and alive. Then, dopamine. Pleasure. You’ve made it. On top of the world. Thrill-seekers, daredevils, explorers, risk takers, the wild and brave ones, they’re all out there, led by excitement. Facing fear and winning in their own way. In 1924, this English company acknowledged their incredible spirit and lent them a helping hand with safety, comfort and good looks.


Belstaff Jackets - The OutergraphImages Courtesy Of Belstaff

Che Guevara was one of its legendary clients. A semester before completing his medical degree, Ernesto Guevara left Buenos Aires accompanied by his friend, a biochemist, to discover South America on motorcycle. He spent nine months on the road, documenting his journey in a written memoir, "The Motorcycle Diaries". One of the things he brought along was a Belstaff jacket, a clothing item that many motorcyclists wore at the time. It was a practical decision, as the innovative water resistant wax cotton allowed them to face rainy days on the road and kept them warm.


Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket - The Outergraph

Belstaff - Trialmaster Jacket Black / More Belstaff 

Belstaff Faridon Black Jacket - The Outergraph

Belstaff - Farindon jacket black / More Belstaff 

Motorcyclists were not the only ones to choose Belstaff. The brand found a home among other daredevils. They had a passion for the sky and while testing their limits, they pushed history forward. "The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity". That was a thought that guided aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart to amazing achievements. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932, becoming an inspiration to women around the world. As many aviators did, Amelia also wore Belstaff.


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Belstaff - Cavanaugh coat black / More Belstaff 

So did British military officer and archaeologist, T. E. Lawrence, known as "Lawrence of Arabia”. The company also provided clothing for the 1962 Academy Award-winning movie "Lawrence of Arabia". Belstaff’s relation with cinematography is long lasting, its designs being featured in modern movies like "The Aviator", "The Tourist" or "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".


Belstaff Ashworth Black Jacket - The Outergraph

Belstaff - Ashworth jacket black / More Belstaff 

True, most of us are not fearless motorcyclists or aviators, we don’t lead revolutions and military actions. We live what seems to be a normal life in a fast moving world. Sometimes, the routine takes over, other times we get to experience the extraordinary. But the wild is always there, in the risks we take, in falling and getting back up, in every new experience, conversation, encounter, emotion, no matter how big or small. We live out of the comfort zone, not as an exception, but as a basic rule of living. We are already there, it’s just time to dress the part.  

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