Grenson is a British heritage brand founded in 1866 in Northamptonshire, England’s main shoe production centre. The company’s factory was one of the first in the world to use the Goodyear welt construction method for gentlemen's shoes. An internationally renowned brand, Grenson keeps the company’s shoemaking traditions alive, perfected in almost 150 years.
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    The luxury British footwear label still makes its shoes using a technique invented two centuries ago in England, the Goodyear welt construction method. Even though it takes more time to bring a "Goodyear Welted" pair of shoes to life, the brand is a firm believer in product longevity, an effect of this traditional shoe making technique. The "Goodyear Welted" shoes can be re-soled many times.
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    The company was founded almost 150 years ago by William Green in England. William learned the craft from his mother while helping her produce men’s boots at home. At the time, most shoemaking businesses were cottage-based, but William grew to become one of the most successful shoe factory owners in England.
    Until 1860, he continued to help his mother, then moved to work from his own home. In 1895, during Queen Victoria’s reign, William Green built one of the biggest shoe factories in England. The company managed to employ at its height up to 400 people.
    What is an interesting and rare fact when thinking of contemporary brands is that Grenson’s activity still takes place in the factory its founder opened in 1895. A great part of the company’s employees are in fact descendants of the factory's original workers. They somehow managed to keep their family traditions alive, as Grenson did with its rich history. Even its production technique has changed little since the 19th century.
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    Grenson is now an international brand, covering numerous European countries. Belgium, Germany, Italy, France are among them. The brand is also present in Canada & USA, as well as in Australia, India, Japan, Dubai, China and many other.
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    The brand has extensive media coverage. Grenson was featured in major publications like GQ, Elle UK, Red, In Style UK, Marie Claire, Telegraph Luxury, Harpers Bazaar and other.
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    Some decades ago, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Montgomery Clift had impeccable public appearances wearing Grenson shoes. At the time, handmade English brogues were extremely stylish, as well as other English fashion items, like the Savile Row suits. Among Grenson’s current clients are George Clooney and Daniel Craig.
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    Some of the most iconic British shoe styles are the Oxfords and the Brogues. The Oxford shoe was first worn in Scotland and Ireland and The Brogue is derived from the Old Irish word, brog (shoe). The Oxfords, named after the famous English University, are also occasionally called Balmorals, after Balmoral Castle. The names also vary by country.