DR JACKSON'S - Face & Eye Essence 05 50ml

From Harvey Nichols

Enjoy this fine item from our Skincare collection. More Health & Beauty products here.
Dr Jackson's Face and Eye Essence 05 is formulated using natural extracts of aloe, kigelia, baobab and Roman chamomile. This essence is perfect to naturally counter the formation of wrinkles thanks to active constituents glutathiane peroxidose and superoxide dismutase known to stimulate the production of collagen and descrease wrinkles, and kigelia which tightens the skin. The essence is recommended for dry and sensitive skin because of baobab's moisturising properties and Roman camomile's anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Overall, aloe's cooling properties and kigelia's skin tightening make this essence very relaxing and refreshing and pefect for jet lagged or over exposed skin.£120 per 100.00ml

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