HOLISTIC SILK - Black Eye Mask

From Harvey Nichols

Enjoy this fine item from our Body collection. More Health & Beauty products here.
Holistic Silk's ultimate Eye Mask is lovingly made in Britain using the finest silk and velvet and is filled with Lavender to soothe you and fragrance the air. The soft velvet ties ensure maximum comfort, once tied to fit you, just slip on and off. The Eye Mask fully blocks out light as sleeping in total darkness is thought to enhance the quality of your sleep. Clean with a damp cloth or dry clean only. After time the scent of lavender will fade, to prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply find the pure dried lavender in your mask (it usually settles around the nose area) and rub gently between your fingers 3-4 times, scent will be emitted straight away. Try to keep silk and lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.

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